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Women’s rights

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Je zal er zelf wel om gevraagd hebben, de kalender!

Verjaardagskalender met afbeeldingen van álle kralenwerken! 2023

Niet zo boos kijken

Small tapestry made out of glass beads. Size approx. 37,5×17,5cm. Handwoven. 2022

Ben je ongesteld, of zo?

Small tapestry made out of glass beads. Size approx. 21,5×39,5cm. Handwoven. 2022

Je zal er zelf wel om gevraagd hebben

Small tapestry made out of glass beads. Size approx. 47,5×26,5cm. Handwoven. 2022


Organza, velvet and silk tapestry with golden and crystal embroidered beads. 270x190cm. 2022

Hij bedoelde het vast niet zo

Hij bedoelde het vast niet zoSmall tapestry made out of glass beads. Size approx. 24x35cm. Handwoven. 2022 Hij bedoelde het [...]

Je mag ook niks meer zeggen

Je mag ook niks meer zeggenSmall tapestry made out of glass beads. Size approx. 24x33cm. Handwoven. 2022 Je mag ook [...]

Zo is hij nou eenmaal

Zo is hij nou eenmaalSmall tapestry made out of glass beads. Size approx. 26x34cm. Handwoven. 2022 Zo is hij nou [...]

Het was maar een grapje

Het was maar een grapjeSmall tapestry made out of glass beads. Size approx. 30x30cm. Handwoven. 2022 Het was maar een [...]

Een standbeeld voor Truus van Lier / A statue for Truus van Lier

War monument for resistance fighter Truus van Lier for the City of Utrecht, 1m72 tall, bronze, 2022

The Snake

The SnakeBeadwork snake made out of 12.034 glass and metal handwoven beads. 160cm in length, 7cm at its widest point. [...]

Misogynist YouTube Titles

Two misogynist YouTube titles from the Manosphere/Incel movement. Size varies, but the letter ‘e’ measures about 9x9cm. Velvet and stuffing material. 2021

Beadwork tapestries

Two beadwork tapestries, ‘men of quality do not fear equality’ and ‘still not asking for it. 11.150 beads and 50,5×30,5cm each. 2021

Let’s get political

My favourite meme made out of velvet

Men on Pedestals

Series of two tapestries made out of velvet, depicting an actor (Tom Cruise) and singer (Bruno Mars) standing on a box so they appear taller than their female co-star.

Teatr-e Shahr Metro Station

A scene in a metro station in Tehran, Iran. Based on a photo I took while I was there. Organza, 350x200cm, 2021

Sending Thoughts and Prayers

Small bead tapestry. 24.878 glass beads, cotton thread. 37,5x28cm. 2020

Radium Girls

Portrait of Grace Fryer (1899-1933), made of antique and vintage radium watch hands on paper, 2020

Men of Quality

Hand-sewn banner, photo series existing out of 20 photos taken on the streets of Tehran, Iran. Prints available in multiple sizes. 2019

Iranian Velvet pt.2

Private photos transformed into velvet tapestries. Sizes: 2x(100x75cm, aubergine red), 2x(50x70cm, pink). 2020.

Iranian Velvet pt.3

Globe made out of velvet. Size: 50cm in diameter. 2019

Iranian Velvet

Hand-assembled images based on street photos, velvet on canvas. Sizes: small: 40 in diameter; large: 50cm in diameter. Made at the Aria Residency/Aria Gallery in Tehran, Iran in 2019.

Utility Box on Enghelab Street

Hand-sewn tapestry made out of red organza, nylon thread, embroidery floss and beads. 4,36×2,30m. 2019

For You, María Hernández

Triptych; embroidery cloth, embroidery floss, aluminum wire, plastic strips, gold paint. This work was made for the ‘La casa de María Hernández’ exhibition at IMJUS, Mexico City (MX). 2018