26th-29th of August, 2021 This Art Fair De Kromhouthal Gedempt Hamerkanaal 231   Come by and view

Marjolein Witte and I teamed up to create an homage and shed

New exhibition coming up: Waterdicht at Fort Maarsseveen, Maarssen (UT, NL). For

Journalist Thea Vuik dropped by my studio for an interview for Handwerken

Tonight, Sublime FM will pay attention to my work in general and a Fort Maarsseveen near you! Marjolein Witte and I are teaming up

Behold, an interview with Kernvisie Magazine about the Radium Project! Thanks goes

These are mad times we live in! Mad!(Horace Slughorn, Harry Potter and

  Thank you NRC and Lucette ter Borg for interviewing me about my

  From February until the end of April I'll be an artist-in-residence at