Sending Thoughts And Prayers

Small bead tapestry. 24.878 glass beads, cotton thread. 37,5x28cm. 2020

The phrase “thoughts and prayers” is often used by officials and celebrities in the United States as a condolence after a tragic event, such as a deadly natural disaster.[1] The phrase has received criticism for its repeated usage in the context of gun violence or terrorism,[2][3][4][5][6] with critics claiming “thoughts and prayers” are offered as substitutes for action such as gun control or counter-terrorism.[7][8]

From Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.

Next to that, it was also one of the first things Donald J. Trump said as president of the United States about how he was going to handle the first covid-19 cases in his country. We all know how that ended…

This small beadwork tapestry was made during the first lockdown in The Netherlands in 2020. It contains 24.878 glass beads from my personal collection: beads I collected and kept during my childhood, beads I still had left from my residency project in Tehran, Iran. The entire beadwork is handwoven on a self made beading loom. Size: 37,5x28cm.

This artwork is sold, private collection