Iranian Velvet

Hand-assembled images based on street photos, velvet on canvas. Sizes: small: 40cm in diameter; large: 50cm in diameter. 2019

During my stay at the Aria Residency I made five canvases with velvet, replicas of photos I took on the streets of Tehran. One of the photos I used is not a street photo but a photo of Mount Damavand, the highest peak in the Middle East. Mount Damavand is in Persion mythology a symbol against despotism, which is interesting giving the current governmental situation in Iran. Next to that, I also visited some protest sites where the Girls of Enghelab Street protested about the compulsory hijab law in Iran. The utility boxes where the protests took place are visible in the background of the green and blue canvases:

Depending on your position towards the works, shades will vary and different colours seem to appear. However, each piece is made with just one colour of velvet.

Small circles: 40cm in diameter,
Large circles: 50cm in diameter.

All materials are bought at the Tajrish bazar in Tehran, Iran. All canvases were made at the Aria Residency.


Sold, private collections.