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Apply for an internship

Apply for an internship

I am currently looking for an intern from February 2025 onwards.


I am looking for someone who is familiar with the following:

  • Fluent in Dutch or English (or both)
  • Basic sewing/crafting/embroidery skills and a lot of patience
  • Optional: Adobe Photoshop (software and laptop provided)
  • Someone who studies art, fashion, photography, textile design or a similar course and/or has a strong interest in traditional arts and crafts, and political art in general.
  • My work is very time consuming so please realize that before applying. It sometimes takes weeks or even months before a new artwork is finished.

Some more information:

  • My studio is located in the north-west of Utrecht. Unfortunately, there is no compensation for standard travelling costs to and from the studio. If we need to go somewhere far, you will get compensated for the extra costs.
  • While working on new projects, we will also visit gallery spaces and exhibitions together, and attend exhibition openings and network meetings. I tend to stick to regular working hours and working days, from Monday ’til Friday. Because of exhibition openings taking place in the evening and on the weekends, this can vary a bit every now and then.
  • My studio is fully equipped, so you can leave behind some belongings overnight (food, warm clothes, etc). There’s wifi, a tv with chromecast, and radio available.
  • If you are an intern from abroad, I will make an effort to help you find affordable housing in or around Utrecht. There’s also a bike available for you to borrow while you’re staying in Utrecht. For interns from the EU, the Erasmus+ programme might be something worth to look at.
  • My studio and work environment are LGBTQAI+ friendly.
  • My art practice sometimes exists out of tasks that are not complicated, but do take a long time before they are completed (button sorting, bead weaving, fabric cutting, etc). We will work together on such tasks to prep the artworks, interns won’t be there to just take on the “shitty” jobs. I will learn you the exact same skills as I am using to make my art.


Curious about some behind-the-scenes photos? Check out the intern-run Instagram account over here.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about an internship.


With regards,



Reviews from past interns (newest first)

Review no.6, by Kirsten van der Meij, an Art & Education student from Willem de Kooning Academie Rotterdam. November 2023.

“My internship with Joyce was short (4 days), but in this short time I learned a lot. The atmosphere at the studio is pleasant, and everything is well organized. Joyce tries not to let the handwork be repetitive and teaches you many different techniques. Joyce also takes us to exhibitions, where you get to know more artists. She has an extensive network of artists and knows lots about entrepreneurship, which comes with life as an artist. Above all, Joyce herself is a fun person to work with.”

Review no.5, by Beyza Tasova, a student in the field of Textile and Fashion Design from Bilgi University (TR). August-October 2023

“I applied to Joyce Overheul for my Erasmus internship program as a textile and fashion design student to explore a niche that is related to not only textiles but also art. During my internship, I learned and gained hands-on experience in bead weaving, including the creation of intricate shapes, such as bullets, and stitching these bead weavings onto fabric. I also discovered how bead weaving is connected with bead weaving software to create stunning tapestries. My internship provided me with a fresh perspective on art promotion and public relations, particularly through my involvement in the Calendar project and participation in exhibition opening days. The processes of setting up and dismantling exhibitions, as well as handling the transportation of artworks, played a significant role in Joyce’s work. While assisting the artist Joyce Overheul, I had a remarkable opportunity on the opening day of Vlampijpateliers to exhibit my own handmade upcycled plastic jewelry, which I had personally designed. I also had the privilege of visiting numerous museums and galleries in the Netherlands, focusing on art, textiles, fashion, and jewelry, alongside Joyce’s team. Throughout these journeys, I realized the potential of integrating bead weaving and plastic recycling practices. One of the most valuable lessons I learned from Joyce was the importance of working smart, not just hard. I found it incredibly beneficial that my internship with her allowed me to focus on gaining rich experiences. I wholeheartedly recommend interning at Joyce Overheul for students pursuing careers in arts and fashion.”

Review no.4, by Yuna Bourguinat, a Textile Design graduate from Lycée Gustave Eiffel Bordeaux (FR). October 22-June 2023

My internship at the studio of Joyce Overheul was a really rich experience. I was able to practice and learn a lot of different textile handcraft techniques while also experiencing the artistic world (going to openings, visiting art fairs, and building exhibitions). Joyce is a really good tutor, always attentive and cheerful. It’s a pleasure to work with her and Luna her assistant.  There is always a good atmosphere in the studio. As an international intern (France) I also appreciated the cultural Dutch lessons Joyce gave me while working. The studio is English friendly so it’s the perfect place for an Erasmus internship!
If you are considering doing an internship at the studio Joyce Overheul, stop thinking and send a motivation letter right now!

Review no.3, by Chelsea van der Bent, a 3rd year student at HKU, BA Fine Art. April 2022

“I’m a third year student at HKU, and make work that I hope will sometime get me in the same circles as Joyce. This is why I applied, to get a better insight as to how my future could look and what steps to take in order to achieve that.
The first time we met, Joyce and I immediately clicked. It felt very laid-back and she had a clear overview of what we would be working on together. We worked on some really big projects, which was really cool! I also got to attend her masterclass at de Fundatie in Zwolle. All in all I learned a lot on how to make connections with the right people, how to go about doing big projects and how to stay true to your morals while also making a name for yourself in modern days art world.”

Review no.2, by Luna van Acker, a 3rd year student at HKU, BA Fine Art. October 2021

Internship Joyce Overheul summer of 2021

In the summer of 2021 for about two months I did an internship for Joyce Overheul. Around three times a week I would come to her studio in Zuilen and assist with a whole range work, to name a few:
Cutting, stitching, and stuffing fabric, assisting with a photoshoot, learning about different making methods, to sorting out articles, building up and helping for This Art fair, joining for meetings and borrels with other artists, to lots of interesting insightful conversations about social constructs, media, feminism, taxes and also what’s it like being an artist and the Utrecht art scene.

It was truly lovely being an intern for Joyce. It felt very professional and organised in the sense that it was always clear what work had to be done. And at the same time fun and comfortable to talk and ask regarding all the questions I was curious about.

The internship felt perfect for someone like me. I make conceptual digital art and installations, just rounded off my third year of fine art HKU, and was completely intimidated by what the future would behold after my final fourth year of Art academy.
The internship with Joyce helped me a lot to give me a clearer insight what steps it entails to be a professional artist in the Netherlands in this day and age. And as a bonus learn about various techniques regarding textile work.

100% recommend”

Review no.1, by Kara Geraerts, a 3rd year student at HKU, BA Photography. July 2021

“During my first visit at the studio, Joyce and I clicked right away. As an intern you experience how much time and attention is spent on every art object. It is beautiful to share this passion for arts and crafts.

Communicating with Joyce went very well, there was always a clear schedule of what needed to be done and you always knew what was next on the agenda. There is a nice work atmosphere in the studio, you get a lot of personal attention and Joyce is always in for a nice chat.

Joyce has a lot of experience and likes to share her knowledge. She shows interest in your personal learning goals. She also has an extensive network and I have met nice and inspiring people, among which a couple artists at the Vlampijp Studios.

I will definitely drop by in the future!”