Je mag niet eens meer flirten

Small tapestry made out of glass beads. Size approx. 29,5x25,5cm. Handwoven. 2023

Je mag niet eens meer flirten (You’re not even allowed to flirt anymore)


This work is part of a series where I am going to integrate common replies in Dutch on sexist or other inappropriate behaviour into kitsch tapestries, with an embroidery-style rose in the middle. I started working on these tapestries during the large #metoo scandal on The Voice of Holland.

These sentences can be heard very often when addressing inappropriate behaviour. It was just a joke, he didn’t mean it like that! Bet you asked for it, it’s just the way he is……. And so on, and so on. Every time a new sentence pops up in the media, or when I encounter one myself, I might include it in the next tapestry…


(Available for purchase, contact me for pricing info)