For You, María Hernández

Triptych; embroidery cloth, embroidery floss, aluminum wire, plastic strips, gold paint. 2018

This work was made for the ‘La casa de María Hernández’ exhibition at IMJUS, Mexico City (MX).

The project was about Mariá Hernández as a person in general, MH is the most common name for a woman in Mexico with more than 2000 women being named MH. The project revolved about ‘her’ identity in general and an artificial living space was created, to give an identity to the name, to honour her and to raise awareness about women’s rights in Mexico. La casa de Mariá Hernández is a project initiated by Yunuen Diaz, I was happy to contribute this embroidered work to the project.

The sentences ‘She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.’ were spoken by American Senator McConnell, commenting on Senator Elisabeth Warren giving a lenghty speech and being voted to be silenced in the Senate. Please see:,_she_persisted

The reason why I chose to add a traditional Dutch Boerenbont pattern is because originally, the floral pattern was painted by solely women onto tableware. At first that seems like a good sign of emancipation, allowing and providing women to work in the late 19th century in the south of The Netherlands. Later on I learned that solely women were employed because their wages were lower… The Boerenbont pattern has played an important role in my family’s tableware throughout multiple generations, so this adds a personal touch.