Men of Quality

Hand-sewn banner, photo series existing out of 20 photos taken on the streets of Tehran, Iran. Prints available in multiple sizes. 2019

During my stay at the Aria Residency in Tehran, Iran I made a banner with the quote ‘Men of quality do not fear equality’. I took it to the streets of Tehran and made a photo series of those who support the statement. 20 photos were made.

The text on the banner is made entirely out of hand-knotted beads, all fabrics were bought at the Tajrish bazar in Tehran, Iran.

Above: exhibition overview at Expoplu, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Below: exhibition overview at Aria Residency, Tehran, Iran

Above: photos from the series, shot in Tehran, Iran
Below: curator Youri Appelo at Expoplu, holding the banner.