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I'm a terrible person not updating this blog very often

UPCOMING SANAA Selected! opening Friday 23th of November 17.00-19.00. Showing works of more than 30 artists. Save the date. Curated by Lydia van Oosten, Henk Logman and Berthe Schoonman. On view until the 13th of January. My rug 'Korean Promises' will

Above: sneak peek of a new work! YOUNG UTRECHT DELIGHT Galerie Sanaa presents Young Utrecht Delight. Showing the combined but diverse work of young HKU alumni. Jessica Skowroneck shows pure paintings that radiates with light. RaQuel van Haver is interested in the

My plant (the one I made for MILK/This Art Fair) will be part of this exhibition. All works works will remain on view for two weeks. Click here to go to the Facebook event. 'ALLES KOMT GOED' In the summer of 2016

This weekend there are three exhibitions featuring my work: Utrecht Down Under opened on Friday, Contemporary art in Utrecht's warf cellars, various locations around Oudegracht On view until September 10th Cruising by Night opened yesterday, Stadskantine, Alkmaar On view until September 9 And last but not least,

Please note the order's totally random. Above: my AK in its lihtbox at Patty Morgan's Boardroom Sessions. Below: the performers who helped me out to perform The Gaze on Sunday + me. Above: We Like Art! made my print on aluminum of the

On view until the 25th of January! That's plenty of time to go read the book at the museum, lol.  

Yep, that bright number is my work for this exhibition! ON AIR is a wifi tracking device that shows how many people in the space are traceable by the devices they're carrying with them. It traced the visitors of both

Here I will show you the satin rifle I made, of which you could see a work-in-progress photo a couple blog posts earlier. Some text from the press release: The Kalashnikov is an iconic weapon. The silhouette is very recognizable, particularly due