3FM Serious Request

Serious Request is a family of annual multi-day, multimedia fundraising events for International Red Cross initiatives, typically hosted by radio stations in the week before Christmas. The project was begun in 2004 by Dutch public pop music radio station 3FM

During the Dutch 3FM Serious Request, three radio DJs of the national channel (NPO) 3FM were locked up for six days in a small temporary radio studio (the “Glass House”) until 2018. It was placed in a main square in a different city each year. They weren’t allowed to eat anything; instead, they drank water, juice, and other liquids to stay energized.

In the Netherlands, the Serious Request broadcasts and the Glass House became a national December tradition,[2][n 1] that reaches most of the national population.[4] The 2012 edition was watched and listened to by 12.1 million people[5] over the age of ten, or 84% of Dutch people in that age group.[6] Overall, 88% of the people were aware of the event.


…according to Wikipedia.


This year 3FM Serious Requests topic is the WWF/WNF, they’re raising money to restore rain forests. Now you can buy two of my limited edition prints for only 95 euros each! That’s a steal. 100% of the money will go to the WWF/WNF.

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Print size: 30x20cm. Purchases can be made until Friday the 24th of December, 16:00hr.