Recap artist talk @ Cibap, Zwolle

So two weeks ago I was a guest speaker at Cibap, Zwolle. Cibap Vocational College for the Creative Arts is a secondary vocational education (MBO) college in Zwolle, the Netherlands offering creative courses for 1800 students. Their aim is to help young people develop at the very highest level in creative, entrepreneurial and technical fields.

I was there to talk about my artistic practice and about my solo exhibition at Museum de Fundatie, Zwolle. Together with the students, we adressed various political topics and how to engage your art in your political thinking. I had a great time, thanks again Cibap for hosting me!

Here are some reviews by the students, and some photos:

  • ” Joyce brought things to light that we think are normal but are in fact harmfull”
  • “Joyce is an artist who is approachable and therefore made us feel like she is one of us.”
  • “I learned that it doesn’t matter if something is called art or not. It matters if you stand for the things that you do”
  • ” She is authentic and gave us a realistic look at what our lives as creatives can look like with truth and humour”
  • “When your political but stay that open and approachable it actually invites conversation. I felt like I could express my opinion and it is okay to stick with it even when others do not feel the same”