Unnoticed Art Festival

I’m happy to announce my work has been selected for the Unnoticed Art Festival! Which work I’ll be showing still remains a secret.
Some info from the website:

“In the spring of 2014 222lodge will be organising a festival for Unnoticed Live Art. 
The festival for Unnoticed Art balances on the line between public and private. It shows artworks hiding in normality. The language, used to express the works, fits in the average social behaviour in public space and, because of that, will probably remain unnoticed to bystanders.

The location and dates of the festival will remain secret. That way the passers-by will be accidental and without knowledge of the occasion. They have their own aims, their own occupations, their own thoughts.

After the festival a manifestation will be organised and a book will be published. This will of course be announced clearly.”

They’re still looking for volunteers, so if you want to help: please go to the website and send them an email! 🙂

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