Interview with TextielPlus & update about their previous review

So as you could read TextielPlus published a review about my exhibition where the false claim was made that I would photograph Iranian men with my ‘Men of Quality’ banner without them knowing what the text on the banner meant and what the entire project is about. I phoned TextielPlus and they were actually quite shocked to learn I was never contacted for that text and that the false claim happened to be…. well, you know, false.

So TextielPlus was so kind to make it up with me 🙂 Since the next printed magazine will still take months to be published, a printed rectification will not really work out. So now they did an online interview with me about this specific project in Iran to set things right. Click >here< to go to the TextielPlus’ website and to read the interview. (link opens in a new tab)


Here’s a preview of the interview: