TextielPlus Review of Let’s Get Political at Museum de Fundatie…

So TextielPlus wrote a review about my exhibition at Museum De Fundatie. It’s nice and all they took the time to write the review. What is very unfortunate, is that there is a grave mistake in the text. In the text is stated that those who where photographed with my ‘Men of Quality’ banner in Iran where not aware of the meaning of the text on the banner and that I photographed them ‘not knowing’ what the project and text was about. This is absolutely false information. The author of the text wrote to me afterwards that he thought that because of the ‘docile’ look in one of the men’s eyes, he must not have understood the text. (???) Unfortunately, I was not contacted for a fact check their writings and the magazine has already been printed and spread amongst its readers….. Anyway, I phoned TextielPlus and they were not aware of the mistakes in the text and they were quite shocked to discover this ‘fake news’ element..

I still wanted to share the interview with you since it’s still a 3 page text, the layout is very pretty, and the story overall is still positive. I do think that the author had this vision in mind about me and my work that is quite noticeable in the text. 🙂 (Let’s put it this way, lol) But hey, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.