The Gaze

Series of manipulative performances for ‘Unnoticed Art Festival', 2016

Above: a photo taken during the performance at the Unnoticed Art Festival, 2016. Credits: Petra Laaper

The Gaze is a series of performances held throughout The Hague and Nijmegen, the Netherlands, researching what happens when unwritten social rules are discarded. In this project the effects and unwritten rules around the stare was researched; in the Netherlands it’s more or less socially accepted to look at people until the moment they notice you, from that moment on the staring is seen as something highly inappropriate.

The Gaze was part of the Unnoticed Art Festival 2016. The performances were made possible with the support of the Mondriaan Fund.

Special thanks goes to the performers of both series in Nijmegen and The Hague: Sarah Atzori, Vincent Baeza Parra, Eliot Bowe, Ken Bridgen, Mandy Chaigneau, Marisa Conde, Giovanni Maisto Ferreira, Jolanda Jansen, Jowi Kemper, Petra Laaper, Andrew McNiven, Heekyung Ryu, Ilona Schipper, Jelle Schroor, Alessandro Sposetti, Michiel Tollig, Ieke Trinks, Herwin Zweers.

Below: one of the documented performances of the series performed in The Hague. In total a number of three documentation videos were made.