Wi-fi sensor monitoring wi-fi enabled devices, projection in daylight, 2015

Above: installation at De Punt, Amsterdam during the exhibition There is Absolutely No Cause for Alarm, as part of UNSEEN FESTIVAL, 2016

On-air is a piece about the traces we might leave behind with our smartphones, tablets and other WiFi-enabled devices. Over the last couple years WiFi-tracking has become more and more common for large stores and supermarkets to track their customers’ behaviour. A vast majority of people has WiFi enabled on their smartphones and tablets when carrying them around, making them easy targets for extensive customer research and profiling.

Storing data by large companies has been heavily criticized by many of us, but lots don’t realize they are the ones enabling WiFi-tracking, thereby allowing themselves to be traced and analyzed. Are you on-air?

In the installation the number of people being tracked is projected in real-time onto a wall.

This project is made possible with support of the Mondriaan Fund. Special thanks goes to Joep Vermaat for technical assistance.