Merging Spaces

Book, essay, installation with table and map. 2013

Above: a tweet spread offline, and two page spreads out of the Merging Spaces book

Merging Spaces can be seen as a social experiment. Tweets (Twitter messages) publicly spread online were localised to establish their geographical origin. Through this project they were brought back to their original location but this time offline, using ordinary paper stickers. This took place in the Alblasserdam area, with the Kinderdijk Project as my starting point.

The entire project is documented in a book which is placed on a giant map with numbered pin points during exhibitions. The numbers on both the maps in the book and the installation correspond with the tweets being spread. Additionally, the book contains an essay written by me, click >here< to read it.

Of course, this project did not go by unnoticed; soon the authors of the tweets found that their own tweets appeared spread throughout their own living environment. I discovered this because they shared their thoughts about that on Twitter. Their replies are also included in the publication.

Above: the Merging Spaces publication; with the numbered tweets both shown as a screen print and a photo of how they were placed back into their environment offline using stickers (no.2 is placed on a bus stop).

Below: some responses found through Twitter, chronologically ordered, and an exhibition overview at Kunstliefde, Utrecht (NL), with a close up of the map and pin points.