Funny Games

Series of games made for artist-in-residence site De Torenkamer of radio show Opium op 4/AvroTros, Amsterdam, NL.

From the 7th until the 11th of April I was an artist-in-residence at De Torenkamer in Amsterdam, hosted by radio show Opium op 4. I designed two games for the radio show, games which promoted negative behaviour amongst its players. The games were designed to make its players act mean and unfair against their contestants. Showing this behaviour was almost necessary if a player wanted to win the game.

I designed 3 games; Game no.1 and Game no.2 were fully developed, and there is a concept for Game no.3.

– Game no.1 is comparable with a card game, only the players did not use cards but exchangeable wooden tokens. In order to achieve a matching set of tokens, players had to exchange them amongst each other; there were not allowed to show each other their own tokens but they were allowed to lie about what type of tokens they had and could exchange.
– Game no.2 was a game where players had to throw 3 dices and if allowed, take pawns away from other players. One player was given black pawns, so this player would be aware most of where his own pawns would go.
– Game no.3 was an impossible puzzle, there are no edge pieces, every piece was absolutely different compared to any other, there are 5 extra pieces that don’t fit on any other piece, and the puzzle itself does not have an image.

Special thanks goes to Opium op 4 for hosting me, and Rutger, Niels, Wiete and Herwin for testing the games.

Above: Game no.1. Below: Game no.2 and a drawing of Game no.3.

The game shown in the video below was Game no.2; one of the participants named it ‘Minority’.

Below: the Funny Games box containing Game no.1 and Game no.2, and my artist-in-residence space at De Torenkamer.