Dr. Pill

Pill, documentary, patient information leaflet, 2010-2012

Above: promotional image, logo with pill (7,5x2cm) in glass box

Dr. Pill is a pill that embodies the solution to all problems, ailments and diseases a person can imagine. The pill itself is composed of different medicines gathered via the internet; several advertisements were placed online on various message boards and web logs. I asked people to send me one pill of their daily medication intake in order create this miracle pill.

More than 60 people replied, sending me more than 180 pills in total, varying from a simple aspirine to liquid morphine. From all these pills one giant pill was made, consisting 142 active ingredients in total. According to all patient information leaflet information of the separate pills combined, the pill should cause 207 effects and 902 side effects, showing and proving that the pill will most likely kill you and thereby will relieve you from anything and everything that has been troubling you.

In addition to the pill, a documentary was made in which I spoke to some of the participants of this project and ask them about their motives for helping me. The documentary also features medical professionals discussing the lethality of the pill. Two parts of the documentary can be viewed below.

Above: installation view at Discovery Festival 2012, Rotterdam
Below: promotional image with one of the test pills, made of a plaster cast with rice filling