Alleen op een Landgoed

Seven-day performance held at Landgoed het Buitenland/Bergarde Galleries, camp site, audio documentary (30mins, in Dutch), 2019

(Translation of the Dutch title: Alone on an estate)

In 1971 Godfried Bomans and Jan Wolkers each stayed for 7 days at an uninhabited island in The Netherlands, Rottumerplaat, to experience the loneliness and what it’s like to be at a place where no one normally lives. Every day they talked about their experiences with Willem Ruis, a Dutch radio show host.

When I saw an open call by Bergarde Galleries in the autumn of 2018, I decided I should do a remake of this project but then finetuned for the private estate in Heerjansdam. Since the estate was relatively new and currently is less then 10 years of age, no one actually knew what it was like to stay there for a longer period of time. Normally, people would only spend one or two hours at the site. I decided to set up my own camp site and create an audio documentary about my experiences. I have spent seven days at the estate, from April 3rd until April 10th 2019.

The audio documentary is available on Soundcloud or can be streamed below: