Knevel & Van de Brink

The two tv show hosts with my new book!

Yesterday evening I was a guest at Dutch talk show Knevel & Van de Brink, I was there to talk about my new project ‘De drie maanden uit het leven van Rogier’ (‘The three months out of the life of Rogier’).

Click here to go to the website of K&VdB and watch the episode (or parts of it) online. (I have no idea whether this link will work too outside of The Netherlands.)

More info about the project will be online soon, currently I’m crazily busy with finishing new works for two more exhibitions….. so unfortunately I don’t have that much time yet to update my portfolio website properly. I even have to work on the page for the MERGING SPACES project too,…… just sooo busy right now..

Mah face… on da tv…

Me saying something on tv.

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