The Broere Charitable Foundation acquired the Men on Pedestals series

I’m very happy to announce that the Broere Charitable Foundation has acquired two works of mine, ‘Men on Pedestals: Tom Cruise’ and ‘Men on Pedestals: Bruno Mars’ for their art collection! The works will remain at Museum de Fundatie, Zwolle.


About the Broere Charitable Foundation

The Broere Charitable Foundation was initiated by the late Jacobus and Bastiaan Broere, founders of the then highly successful oil storage and shipping company Gebroeders Broere NV in Dordrecht. The Foundation has since been funded by the Broere family and supports medical research and art. Its activities in the arts take the form of purchasing major works and making them accessible to the public in European museums.


I’m very happy for the support of the Broere Charitable Foundation. Because of their support it’s possible for me to keep on making new works as an independent artist. Also, I’m very happy that the works will remain at Museum de Fundatie, this way they will reach an audience I myself could not give them within the limits of my studio and social media reach.

Below are some more detailed photos of the works.