¥ € $

Stuffed toys in the shape of a ¥, € and $ currency symbol, together creating the word 'YES'. Black and red velvet, spandex, stuffing material, aluminum stands. 180x80x20cm, 2021

Back in art school in 2011 I discovered that you could make words with the currency symbols on your computer keyboard. And then I found out Yen, Euro and Dollar together made the word ‘YES’. Of course a ton of others already found out about this, but I still decided to make a small work on the subject.

Ten years later, I was going to participate in an art fair (This Art Fair, Amsterdam, 2021) and I wanted to make a funny but critical work about presenting yourself as an artist on an art fair, so I decided to revamp my ¥£$ and create giant stuffed toys. Now you could cuddle with your favourite money on an art fair! The entire installation measures 180cm in width and approximately 80cm in height. Each stuffed currency symbol weighs almost 2 kilos each.