Niet zo boos kijken

Small tapestry made out of glass beads. Size approx. 37,5x17,5cm. Handwoven. 2022

Niet zo boos kijken (Don’t look so angry)


This work is part of a series where I am going to integrate common replies in Dutch on sexist or other inappropriate behaviour into kitsch tapestries, with an embroidery-style rose in the middle. I started working on these tapestries during the large #metoo scandal on The Voice of Holland.

These sentences can be heard very often when addressing inappropriate behaviour. It was just a joke, he didn’t mean it like that! Bet you asked for it, it’s just the way he is……. And so on, and so on. Every time a new sentence pops up in the media, or when I encounter one myself, I might include it in the next tapestry…


(Sold, private collection)