Horror Workshop @ WDKA, Rotterdam

Michiel (one of the regular performers of my The Gaze performance series) approached me to host a workshop for Willem de Kooning Academie’s 24 hours of lessons. Because my workshop would initially start at 12 at night (the witch hour) and we would be located in a creepy and vacant building, I decided it would be fun to organize a workshop about horror films.

And fun we had!

Below you can see some photos of the evening and the results of what the students of DBKV (the fine art & design teacher department) made:

[vimeo 196832769 w=640 h=360] [vimeo 196832836 w=640 h=360] [vimeo 196833059 w=640 h=360]


Suus, Robert and Marisa made these three photos instead of a video:

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