Rogier at De Kijkdoos

Rogier at Kunstenlab, Deventer, 2014

A picture of the real Rogier at Kunstenlab, Deventer, 2014

From the 4th of April until the 4th of May my project Rogier will be on view at De Kijkdoos, Amsterdam (NL). During the exhibition the entire novel I wrote about the 17-yo Twitter user will be displayed page by page, giving passersby the opportunity to read the entire thing.

Suzie Herman and Janneke van der Vloed will write a commenting text about the project that will be on display at the exhibition site as well.

Opening: 4th of April, 17:00hr.

Klik >hier< to go to the website of De Kijkdoos.

Klik >hier< to read more about the project Rogier.

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